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CHC AlphaAir 10

Professional Airborne LiDAR + RGB System




Versatile UAV Configuration

Compact and lightweight, the AA10 LiDAR can be easily mounted on a wide range of drone, including the CHCNAV BB4, the popular DJI Matrice, and various third-party UAV platforms.


45MP Full-Frame Camera

The AA10 LiDAR high-precision LiDAR and industrial-grade cameras enable users to generate accurate and realistic 3D models and high-resolution Digital Orthomosaic outputs.


Innovative Alphaport Interface

CHCNAV's exclusive Alphaport interface provides wireless power and drone telemetry connectivity.


Robust Software Capabilities

CHCNAV's CoPre software efficiently handles all essential processing steps, in addition to data alignment and generation of accurate 3D models and DOMs.


Absolute accuracy            :         2 cm ~ 5 cm Horizontal, 2 cm ~ 5 cm Vertical

Accuracy conditions         :         8 m/s speed, @150 m flight altitude AGL

Mounting                            :         Skyport for DJI M300/M350, CHCNAV Alphaport interface, 

                                                       Third-Party UAV platfroms.

Weight of instrument        :         1.55 kg

Data storage                      :         512 GB

GNSS system                     :         GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou, Galileo

IMU update rate                 :         500 Hz

Imaging system                 :         Built-in calibrated Camera

Effective pixels                   :         45 MP ,Full-Frame

Laser scanner                     :         Class1 (in accordance with IEC 60825-1:2014)

IMax. returns supported    :         Up to 8

Field of view                        :         81.2° × 59.5° 

Scan rate                             :         500 000 pts/sec (first or strongest return)

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