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CHC AlphaAir 450

Airborne LiDAR Integrated IMU, GNSS, 3D Scanner, and Camera




Integrated DJI Skyport

AlphaAir 450 has built-in Skyport interface for direct connection to DJI M300 UAV.


One touch to start

The LEDs and speaker indicate the AA450's status and there is only one button to operate, no parameter settings are required.


Easy data transfer

The 256 GB memory enough for 10 projects. 160 Mb/s highspeed data transfer via USB Type-C without powering the unit.


All-in-one SW

CHC CoPre SW processes the AA450 trajectory with additional data alignment. No longer need to invest in costly 3rd party SW


Absolute accuracy            :        <10 cm Horizental, <5 cm Vertical

Accuracy conditions         :         Without control points, @50 m flight altitude AGL

Mounting                            :         Skyport for DJI M300, CHCNAV Alphaport interface

Weight of instrument        :         0.95 kg

Data storage                      :         256 GB

GNSS system                     :         Dual-frequency GNSS GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou, Galileo

IMU update rate                 :         500 Hz

sampling frequency          :         5 Hz

Imaging system                 :         Built-in calibrated Camera

Effective pixels                   :         26 MP

Laser scanner                     :         Class1 (in accordance with IEC 60825-1:2014)

IMax. returns supported    :         Up to 3

Field of view                        :         70.4° (Horizontal) × 4.5° (Vertical)

Scan rate                             :         240 000 pts/sec (first or strongest return)

                                                        480 000 pts/sec (dual return)

                                                        720 000 pts/sec (triple return)

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